Welcome to Compozers.com

A digital publishing platform for composers and publishers, Compozers.com offers 100% Royalty on the sales of your music. Compozers.com does not take any commission. A small charge is payable to PayPal for the payment processing. You will not only receive notification at the time of any sale but you will also be paid immediately too. It takes about a minute to publish a piece on the website and music is made immediately for sale. You can change these pieces at any time, either updating the actual music file that you are selling, changing the description or perhaps adding an audio or video recording.

The compozers.com website takes care of all the technical details for you, so adding a new piece is fast and easy. You will just need your composition in PDF format to upload and a sample image or two so that people can see what your music is like. You can easily embed a youtube or soundcloud link so customers can see and hear your music too.

During 2014 Christmas period, 60% of purchases made at amazon.com were made with a mobile device. The adoption of mobile commerce has grown very quickly and the compozers.com site is completely responsive. The site was build from the ground with mobile in mind but of course it looks great and works well on computers, tablets and phones equally.

When your music is sold, the customer information that goes with that sale belongs to you. This can be a great way to keep in touch with the people who are playing your music and customers can contact directly via a form on the product pages if they have any specific questions. Building a relationship with musicians who play your music is a great way to build a life long support base.

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